Maintenance & Support

Softwares are as good as the maintenance and support they get post development. Certain products need a regular updating and maintenance. This is where Devise stands apart from its competitors. Like others, our job is not finished once the project has been delivered to you. It extends beyond, with regular updates, maintenance and tech support. When you avail our Custom Software Development Service, it comes with the promise of a long-time maintenance and support after the development and implementation. This service is provided to all our existing applications and on-going projects. We also provide this service to the clients who require support for specific technology like Backend Server (Database Server) for support. We offer Maintenance and Support service to a wide set of industries as mentioned on our Industries page.

Whether the software is developed by us or by someone else, we are there to support it, to move it away from all complications and problems, to a smooth operation. We start with gathering all the requisite system knowledge along with the list of tasks and issues that are already present or can crop up in future. After this a clear methodology is made for going further with the tech support. We follow AGILE practise SCRUM methodology for this service. This allows the project’s direction to be adjusted or re-oriented based on the assessment of the completed work. It helps in keeping the work on track, without any speculation. We provide our QA&QC service along with the maintenance and support. It is assured that each and every release is passed by our QA & QC. We also provide access to customer resources like Repository, Source Control and other Tracking tools to our clients and engineers.