Sports is a fairly new area for IT services. But ever since sports turned into professional sports, the need to manage it has arisen. With the kind of dedication and following certain sports have, it is of paramount importance that a system is in place to quench their thirst of having knowledge about it at their fingertips. The information paradigm for sports is vast. And to facilitate its users, it is important that a reliable and proven solution is provided that can address website management, knowledge facilitations to the users and managing game resources.

Devise Software Solutions has experience of working with Sports industry. We have solutions for secure and scalable sports operations, data management and integration, team or individual performance management etc. We have worked with a Divers community to build them a platform for connecting with each other, hiring an instructor and getting information about the diving places all around the world. We have also worked for sports industry to make applications that allows score management and game resource management for indoor and outdoor games. We have helped built Mobile and Web Applications across platforms and have provided features like saving scores in offline mode when internet connectivity is not possible.