Retail is everywhere- from the small Mom and Pops store to the big Walmart. With its very dynamic nature and new challenges every day, Retail happens to be an area where IT solution works like wonder. The entire retail supply chain process has many avenues where we can start implementing the IT solutions. These can be started off at any point of contact in the supply chain process. Also, there are various departments in a retail chain that can work efficiently once automated. IT solutions can help Retail industry in terms of improved customer experience, efficient product life cycles, better supplier-retailer relationship to name a few. IT solutions for retail industry work in the area of merchandizing, POS, supply chain management, MDM, vendor collaboration, CRM etc.

Devise Software Solutions has experience in providing the perfect solution for the Retail industry. We have cost effective solutions that will address your strategic and operational problems, giving you a competitive advantage, so that you can have improved margins and ROI. We have worked for touch screen based Point of Sale product which allows franchisees to access the centralized database around the world. We have also worked on NOP Commerce application for providing e-commerce solution.