Human Resource, commonly known as HR, is one of the most important functions in any organization. It deals with the most important entity of business, i.e. people. It is there to strike a balance between employee’s aspiration and growth with that of the organization. The challenge for IT in HR is to evaluate what function can be automated while maintaining the same desired levels of service. With growing technology, it is important to evaluate when to have an automated process over a human touch or voice. There is a flood of information when it comes to HR in terms of recruitment and employment data. And it is critical of have efficient filtering of necessary and relevant information.

Devise Software Solutions has experience in providing staffing and recruitment solutions for website and recruitment applications. Our understanding of the HR process helps in providing solutions which are designed to help HR manage and report complex issue surrounding the three main components of HRD viz. Individual Development, Career Development and Organizational Development. We also have worked for a product for Employment Management. This program facilitates HR, Finance and Duty Management department to work in a tandem. Our programs will offer complete integrated support to the managers and help them develop an efficient knowledge transfer and performance management tools.