B2B, or e-commerce is a booming sector in IT. With the advent of advanced technology in IT, organizations are approaching new ways to do the business and have taken the route of B2B via e-commerce. This industry is innovative by design but volatile by nature. The volume of B2B transactions is much higher than the volume of B2C transactions. The reason being, there are many sub-components B2B transactions involved for a finished product or service. The challenge in B2B sphere is engagement, time and credibility. Within a limited time period, the audience needs to be engaged while showing a higher sense of credibility to them.

Devise Software Solutions is working with a leading B2B search engine which gathers and provides information about the companies all over the world. With a service that has such a large scope and a lot of data traffic, data management and efficient search become the work of prime importance. Devise Software Solutions has worked to provide fast and efficient search options for the people visiting the search engine, about billions of the companies listed there. Along with it, we are also working constantly to improve user experience and provide access in multiple platforms like Mobile Phones and Tablets.