Acacia is our star Case Management Software. Acacia has been developed for multi department organizations, especially from the hospitality industry, like Resort, Hotels etc. It provides a structured, yet flexible process to handle the business which depends a lot on the human interaction between the customers and the organization. In these organizations, there are many cases in terms of the customer service requests made by the customers for their requirements to the various departments. Acacia provides an integrated platform to manage such cases. This software has been developed only for sale in the state of Maldives.

Acacia facilitates department wise management for the organization. With Acacia you get the following advantages: Department wise case management, Easy Case Monitoring, Case integration, efficient and effective management of a large number of cases simultaneously, Auto assignment and Auto Escalation of cases etc. All this helps you to track the status and progress of the cases assigned to different employees, department wise in your organization. There is reduced time in bringing closure to the cases. There is more accountability among the employees and their respective departments towards the customers and the organization. With the options available, there is a lot of decision flexibility for the employees, which in turn helps them to reduce the closure time for cases.

Acacia is designed in such a manner that whether your case is an incident, order, quote or complaint, it integrates it in a way that makes it easy to be tracked and managed. The software can be customised as per the organizations and its employee’s requirement and an easy integration leads to smooth case monitoring and the best user experience for the employees.

To manage the cases, the administrator is provided with a dashboard for an easy access to the cases. There are various options provided for the administrator like adding and viewing Departments, Levels, Designations and Persons (Employees). Detailed contact information about the employees can be entered in the software along with their department, designation and level. Customized settings options are there to set the options for alerts to the employees for new case and for the escalation. Alert options are available in terms of email, sms or both. Cases can be viewed on real time basis as per their Status i.e. New, Accepted, Re-Open or Closed; Priority- from Highest to lowest and Department. You can see information about the cases in detail ranging from Case number, Days opened to the Assigned Person, Department, Status and Priority. You can generate reports to understand the status of the cases as well. Options for Report generation include Date Wise Basic Report, Department Efficiency Report- single Department and Multiple Department and Custom Report. These reports will give you a better understanding of the entire organization and the cases being handled.

With Acacia implemented in your organization, you can relax because it takes care of the cases and provides you the facility to co-ordinate better and collaborate more effectively with in organization. Please contact us to know how Acacia can help you.

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