Business Models

“Customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not an interruption in our work but he is the purpose of it. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” The famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi is our guiding principal. We understand our clients are all different, with their different needs for unique solution. There are small projects and big projects. There are projects that finish within a month and there are projects with various modules that are spread across several months. All clients and their projects come with their own set of requirements in terms of flexibility in deliverables, releases and finance terms. And our main objective at Devise Software Solutions is to deliver value to the customer. We follow standard business models that are prevalent globally and are well accepted and appreciated.

We follow three different business models as per the difference in scale and scope of projects. The business models are for large, medium and small projects.

Time & Material Cost Model

Time & Material Cost Model is suited for projects which are large scale and have an undefined scope. The timeframe for such projects is mostly undefined and they have various modules going on simultaneously and there are updates in the product in terms of versions etc. There is no upfront payment for such projects and the billing is done on the basis of hours spent on it, as updated in the ticketing system. No dedicated resources are assigned to such projects. The clients are updated about the project through Weekly and Monthly Time-sheets and Daily Stand-Up Reports.

Fixed-Price Model

Fixed Price Model is suited for projects on a medium scale, with an estimated time frame of 2-4 months. Such projects have defined scope and clients are required to do an upfront payment and then pay the installments as the project proceeds with the milestones. Dedicated resources are assigned to these projects. The clients are updated about the project through Milestone-wise Reports.

Man-Month Model

Man-Month Model is suited for projects which can be medium to large scale and where the duration runs in months. For such projects, dedicated resources are assigned who work on the project. Generally, the client asks for the dedicated resource for their project under this model. We provide them the service of HR in terms of finding the apt resources to work on the project and our infrastructure. And the resources are managed by the client itself. The clients are required to do an upfront payment and then pay a fixed price on monthly basis. This fixed price is calculated on the basis of number of dedicated resources assigned, the time they have spent on the project and our services that have been used.

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