About Company

Devise Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a privately owned company, started in 2005. We identified the gap of quality customized software development services being provided in the market. And decided to use our experience and understanding of the market and dedicated it towards a unified goal of providing a host of specialist software solutions to our customers under one umbrella. We have a mission of providing innovative, cutting edge, customized software solutions to companies across industries. We want our clients to achieve their results efficiently with our solutions. We want to be the first name that they consider when they think about software solutions.

Devise Software Solutions is dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions of technology and outsourcing services to companies that helps them to reduce development, maintenance and testing costs. This in turn facilitates them to bring the complex applications to the market faster. We are specialized consultants for services like software application development, quality assurance & quality control, Offshore Development, Onsite Staffing and maintenance outsourcing.

What sets Devise Software Solutions apart from others is our dedicated approach towards a project. Our talented and experienced team focuses on one project at a time, giving undivided attention to the project at hand. We have designed our own method of assessing client’s requirement and then devising the most effective and efficient solution for them by taking their business processes into consideration.

When you come looking for our services, you get the advantage of our state of art infrastructure, efficient, professional and motivated staff and domain experts. With Devise Software Solutions, you are all set to experience improved and increased quality and faster turn-around time, at a lowered cost. This results in a unique experience of cost-effective yet excellent software solutions.

At Devise Software Solutions, quality is the way of life. We manage our company with utmost professionalism and maintain the highest degree of professional and personal ethics. We are here to serve you, and serve you well.