Devise is always seeking talented and innovative people to expose their talent and skills. Unlike other companies, devise is not looking for candidates with just typical experience on paper and who wants earn just the duration at a company for experience. We are looking for people who want to enjoy their work and those who are having good skills, innovative ideas, especially those who don’t want to just put their effort in given task and responsibilities.

Devise has been built on a high trust level since its beginning and yet it has been successful. Unlike other companies, at our company we don’t force any employees to submit their important credentials such as certificates or sign bonds.

Full flexible policies

Each of our employees has flexibility in term of timings, leaves and dressing during their job. They have no restriction and we allow them being social, playing games or doing other stuff which is apart from their work for refreshment when they stressed out from the work. But we also make sure that their work is not disturbed.

We believe that technical people are not representative or executive. Hence they don’t need to appear like an executive during their working hours.


For young and talented fresher candidates devise is the best place to gain experience in technology, at devise we have projects on multiple technologies such as Microsoft.NET, Apple iOS, PHP and Microsoft SQL Server. We always support fresher candidates to learn from their seniors and get involved in real-life projects as soon as possible after they join the company.

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Employee Speaks
Yogesh Sanchania, Operations & HR
"I like to face tough challenges, and I got that platform in Devise to face and complete the challenges. I have learned lot of things, stuffs and Art of programming from here."
Shraddha Shah - Human resource
DEVISE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS has given me a great platform that actually I am looking for in this stage of my career life .It has definitely shown continuous progress in building the core five blocks: Organization, People, Opportunity, Work & Reward steadily. this also enables us to balance our work life and family life seamlessly . Feeling Great to be a part of this esteemed organisation....
Vivek Thanki - Software Engineer
There are many reasons why I am proud to work at Devise Software Solutions. I have learned and grown personally and professionally by working with this company. I truly appreciate all that I have learn from my seniors and I am very proud to be a part of Devise Software Solutions.
Nitin Raval - Network Engineer
Devise software solutions pvt ltd is place where every member of staff treats as a family member, management is so good that they boost employees confidence and take them to higher heights , There is always new learning every single day , Knowledge is keep getting updated, Each and every member of team Devise is so helpful and amicable. I am so proud and honored to be serving in such a wonderful company.